On the 25th November 2018 MBALA  Commemorated the Centennial of the last German surrender of the First World War with an excellent Armistice Parade held in the presence of President Lungu and many foreign and Zambian dignitaries.

The Armistice Ceremony was held at the War Memorial at the entrance to the town.

For a vivid first hand account of the surrender  see Jarvis Murray's report of the German surrender at Abercorn in November 1918 in the section Article of Abercorn > Abercorn History. And also photographs  in Photos of abercorn > Early Days  - .

Abercornucopia embraces a wide range of topics relating to the history of this extraordinary place in the heart of Central Africa that has been a cross road of people from prehistoric times  through to the days of the slave trade, colonial settlement and Independence. Zambians, explorers, missionaries, Scots traders, colonial administrators and many more have paused and left their mark. Abercornucopia attempts to record them all.

Started in 1962, Abercornucopia was a monthly newspaper printed and published by the Lake Press Limited of Abercorn, Northern Rhodesia. This website documents all the 39 editions. They give a fascinating insight to daily life and events during this stirring period.

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Click on the arrow in the middle of this photo to see Clips from John Anton Smith's movie of Purple Nindi waving in the breeze and then arial shots of  Abercorn, Mpulungu, and Lake Rukwa courtesy of Adam Malujlo. Also fine shots from John and  from Adam's father Ted Malujlo,of dinghy racing on Lake Chila.

More information about Abercorn can be found at www.abercornucopia.com

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