The newly built Lake Press Ltd on the corner of what was Marshall Avenue and Little Poland in January 1963. [The street name Little Poland was changed to its present location at Independence] Photo Courtesy Max Keyzar.
 The New Abercorn Boma. in 1963. Photo courtesy Max Keyzar
 Abercorn Boma from the Air
Abercorn from the air
 Sunday Lunch at Chila Yacht Club
 Chila Yacht Club Courtesy Ian Singer
  Dames des Isles,  the DC's launch on Lake Tanganyika in 1962. She was bought out from Jersey Channels Islands. Photo Courtesy Maz Keyzar
 Waiting for the passengers to disembark at Abercorn airport. an important ritual for some residents.
 The I.R.L.C.S. Helicopter. Photo courtesy Pippa Abbot.
 I.R.L.C.S. spotter aircraft. Photo courtesy Pippa Abbot.
 Red Locust Control Staff in 1956.   Photo kindly courtesy Pippa Abbot  ne McLaughlin.  L to  R - (1)Peter McLaughlin, (2) Phil Simmons, (14)Tadek (Ted) Malujilo  Seated L to R - (1)Johnny Uys, (2)Pixie McLaughlin (nee Powell), (3)Karl Kuhne, (4)Dr Donald Gunn (Director), (7)Desmond Vesey Fitzgerald Front L to R - (3)Roy Forrester, (5)Peter Parton
 I.R.L.C.S. spraying aircraft in the Red Locust hanger at Abercorn airport. Photo courtesy Pippa Abbot.
 Abercorn in transition. Abercorn Primary School in the 1960s.
 Abercorn Primary School in the mid 1960s.
 DC3 Dakota takes off from Abercorn airport. Central African Airways, East African Airways and Hunting Clan all made scheduled stops. All used DC3 aircraft although C.A.A. had earlier used the similar Viking aircraft.   
 Mbala Roman Catholic Cathedral under construction
 The old second Post Office in its last days. This stood four square to the main road  just in front of the present Post Office. It also housed the Customs Office.
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