Picnic at Buningi Pans down the Kasama Road in 1936. There was good duck shooting at the pans and they were popular with sporting types. A rock shelter was later found there. The Old Kasama road bisected the two kidney shaped depressions that formed small reedy lakes. Lionel Smith on the far right.
 A fine catch on Peter Parton's  trimaran  Triton
 Mrs Mary Richards and Miss Marion Gamwell at the Gamwell's house,  Beau Coin, la Haule, Jersey overlooking St. Hellier's Bay. 1972.
 Sheelah Carlin suffers the attentions of Dr Trant's baboon Audrey. for more on this beast see the piece on Dr Trant in the Articles section..
 Abercorn's Team for the Murray Cup competition in Kasama.
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