Editions 31 - 37

September 1965 - April 1966


Edition 31,

September 1965


Street names problem

One Party Fallacy – Cornelius

Resident Minister objects to Abercornucopia

Heavy September rains

“Outward Bounders” new and old

70,000 tons plan for Mpulungu


Edition 32,

October 1965


Rural Council Offices open

Tar Road to Cape Town in three years

Independence anniversary celebrations

The Cape in Springtime

Lumba tolerance urged

Strange Tale from Mbeya


Edition 33,

November 1965


Big plans for Abercorn

London view of Rhodesian UDI

The Mungwi development project

“Town Talk” in the Yendwe

Mpona Falls


Edition 34,

December 1965


Urgent petrol plans – petrol rationing

New wharf and shed for fish traders

Coffee tree Seedlings sent to Nakonde

The link in peril - Cornelius

Kapenta for Kariba

Plan for Rukwa game reserve

Karl Kuhne on South America

Samfya road delay

Kasama Dramatic Society present "Relative Values"

Bruno Chisambo wedding at Mpulungu


Edition 35,

January 1966


Total collapse in Nigeria

President in Abercorn to study fuel route

Whose “finger on the trigger”? Cornelius comments on Nigeria

Change of street names

Spirit names for streets

Twelve Years of "Lyashi"


Edition 36,

March 1966


East Coast Fever blow to ranching prospects

Clubs –Ancient and Modern – Cornelius

Mr Willombe on trade mission

Abercorn’s ancient forests

Oil pipeline proposed

Zambia Educational Distributors


Edition 37,

April 1966


East Coast Fever cattle deaths

Lorry tankers idle at Mpulungu

Katito refugee camp closed

Kasama rock paintings found by Miss Liz Hodgkin

Kasama Dramatic Society present "Dangerous Corner"

Tourist - Army clash at Kasaba

War Graves in Abercorn

Courtesy of Dorothy (formally Kuhne) and Mike Van der Linden


Edition 38,

May 1966


"Slavery" reported in Tanzania

State Ranch at Siaisi loses best bull

Mr Cope-Morgan dies in South Africa

Tarmac road to link township with Mpulungu road

British and Rhodesian officials in talks

Oil-by-road scheme suspended

New Councillors for Township Council

KADS produce "Rattle of a Simple Man" for Copperbelt festival

Mr G.G. Robinson lights up Tsetse flies

880 registers as Council voters

Explosive advance of education in Northern Province

Saturday Morning Markets aid Zambia University Fund.


Courtesy of Dorothy (formally Kuhne) and Mike Van der Linden


Edition 39,

July 1966


The Editor explains -  the last edition of Abercornucopia

Arial Game Viewing in the Rukwa Valley  - our air correspondent reports an exciting flight with Robin Crosse Upcott and IRLCS director Mr Du Plessis

National Museum for Abercorn?

Obituary for Mr Benidicto Luchembe senior compositor of the Lake Press.

First copper convoy arrives at Dar es Salaam

Mr and Mrs McGregor hurt in car crash

Resident Minister Mr R. S. Mukasa meets Councillors headed by chairman Mrs Simuchimba

New Air Schedule links tourists with Mr Paton's Triton trips to Kasaba Bay

More Delays in Tarring Mpulungu road

Mr Elias Tom bitten by a hippo.

ACTS give a brilliant preformace of "Night Was Our Friend"