SS Liemba bow on.
 SS Liemba before conversion to oil power . Photo: Steve Kilbey   
Polungu Head at Sunset courtesy Mike Franklin
 The New Commercial Wharf and the Oil Tank Farm. Photo Mike Franklin 1966.
The Fishing Fleet in 1965. Photo Mike Franklin.
 View over  the southern end of Lake Tanganyika from  lip of the Mpona Falls on the Izi River. Photo Steve Kilbey. Kumbula Island centre with "Crocidile" Island visible behind
 SS Liemba before conversion to oil power . Photo: Steve Kilbey
 Dames des Isles at Mpulungu. This large launch some how made her way from the Channels Isles to Lake Tanganyika where she was used by the District commissioner and government officials.
 The Liemba approaching the wharf. Note the smoke indicting that this phtos was taken before she was converted to diesel fuel
 SS Liemba at Mpulungu Harbour, Lake Tanganyika.
 Busy Port Scene at Mpulungu Harbour   Courtesy Amanda Parkyn
 Kasakulawe Bay from the Fisheries wharf when Chila Yacht club held a regatta on Lake Tanganyika.
 The same view some 50 years later.  (Thanks to   
 The Laurent Giles designed cutter  Sonata  at her moorings at the Fishery’s  Jetty, Mpulungu. Note the Evening Star at her masthead. Sonata visited Kasanga in Tanzania and made trips to Kasaba Bay battling the Kabata anabatic wind with the help of beafy Outward Bound Instructors way out on trapezes to counter- balance the little yacht.
 Cheery times on  Triton.  Photo Mike Franklin 1966.
 Water spout of Lake Tanganyika
 Mpulungu Harbour some sixty years ago.
 Mpulungu in 1939. Note the very high water. Also the complete "close shave" of the vegetation  on the water margins.
 Commander G. Wooler on the bridge of the "Liemba"
 Liemba Boatswain  Hamisi Kalubi and Pilot Masudi Zaidi in the 1950s.
 Albertville now Kalemie in the 1920s. It was the major Belgian town on the Western shore of Lake Tanganyika.
 The Belgian steamer  Baron Dhanis.  This vessel used to visit Mpulungu in the 1950s when the  SS Liemba  was being refitted.      
 Moses a very well known and highly respected  Mpulungu boatman of the 1950s. Does anyone know his full name?
 Moses at the helm of the Gamwell sisters  Nakatali  sporting his captain's cap.
 A Quiet moment at Mpulungu  between  Liemba  visits in the 1950s.  The little white boat was the  Nakatali   built by Tom Arnold for the Gamwell sisters. Later owned by Colin Carlin.
 Dhow rigged vessel leaves Mpulungu Port in the mid 1950s. This is the image that must have raided alarm and fear in lakeside villages in the days of the slaver raiders.
 Sit Alan Cobham's Short all metal Singapore type Flying Boat at rest in Mpulungu in 1929. From Twenty  Thousand Miles in a Flying Boat  by  Sir Alan Cobham 1930.
 The German vessel the Herman von Weissman that shelled Katuat Bay and holed the  Good News . She was sunk by Commander Spicer Simpson's flotilla.
Visitors to the Liemba in 1961. Photo courtesy Tamara Bulmer.
Looking forward to the curry lunch. The Liemba at Mpulungu in 1961. Photo Courtesy Tamara Bulmer.
 The old deck configuration of the Liemba. Photo courtesy Tamara Bulmar.
 The Approach to Kasaba Bay from the Sumbu side
 The  Liemba  today busier than ever. She makes a fortnightly run South from Kigoma stopping at numerous small ports and even serving some of the new game camps en route.
 View of Lake Tanganyika from the Laskie's house - later the Lake View Hotel and then the Outward Bound Lake School.
 The Trimaran at the Fisheries Harbour, Mpulungu in about 1960.  This vessel was built by Cliff Kellett in abercorn and operated by Peter Parton to take Tourist from and from Kasaba Bay Camp Camp.   
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