Abercorn types camping at Mpulungu. Jim Kitchen on the left, Ronald Smith on the right. Anyone know the others?
 Abercorn Pioneer types from the 1930s. Ronald Smith on left perhaps Jim Kitchen on right.   
 Patricia Ogilvy a nursing sister from Southern Rhodesia  who married Ronald Smith a long established Abercorn Settler. Ronald was an early rancher on the Saisi and had been a transport officer during WWI. He and his bother Lionel with Jim Kitchen started the transport company Smith and Kitchen that became Thatcher Hobson and later CARS. Ronald and Patricia  ran the Crested Crane Hotel at Mpika before farming in Mazabuka.
 An Abercorn wedding in the late 1930s. Ronald Smith with Bride. Patricia Smith née Ogilvy a nusring sister from Southern Rhodesia. Rum Mum [Ma Simpson]is on the right. Rum Mum was the widow of the well-known character Charlie Simpson, a Glaswegian fitter and mechanic who has started his African career running steamers on Lake Nyasa and Lake Mweru and was then in charge of the large Traction Engine that powered the famous Rubber Factory on the Chambezi near the present bridge.
 Smith and Kitchens fleet of transport lorries that service Abercorn's needs in the inter-war period.
 Old Abercorn Golf Club in the 1930s. This was opposite the  junction with the Mpulungu and Kasama Roads near the present ZAF base.
 The Old Golf Club, Abercorn. This was on what is now the site of the ZAF base.Lionel or Ronald Smith on the left.
 The Abercorn Co-Operative Building opposite the CARS depot at the entrance to Abercorn just West of the Mbulu Stream
 The newly built coffee factory for the Abercorn Co-Operative Society  This building was opposite the old bus station at the entrance to the town.
 Ballymain Estate Coffee Label. that was designed by Ian Friers, brother of Rowel Friers the Belfast Artist. The design was based on the Northern Rhodesian stamps. Courtesy Denis Mayne.   
 Another good size Nile Perch caught in the 1940s
 The biggest Nile Perch yet. Note: this photo may not be all it seems!
 Another good Nile Perch caught on Lake Tanganyika by David Mclean Clarke and Jack Venning
 Norah Venning and David McLean Clarke with a good catch in the 1930s   
 J. H. Venning's home Chisungu House off the Mpulungu Road. David Mclean Clarke [ son in law] on left Venning on right with pith helmet. Fountain rising up in the middle. The water pressure came from the source of the spring high up on the escarpment behind the house.   
 Jack Venning enjoys his Snooker table  at Chisungu, his house on the Mpulungu Road with the most amazing view over Lake Tanganyika.
  Marshall Avenue, Abercorn on Mail Day. in 1939 - 40. Photo Mrs Anthea Bush.
 Jolly Boating Weather, Abercorn Style in the 1930s.
 Damaged Aircraft, Abercorn Areodrome in the 1930s. Photo Norah Venning.
  Another view of the London Johannesburg air racer that crashed at Mbete Bay
 An Royal Air Force proving flight arrives at Abercorn Areodrome in 1934
 RAF Vicker's Vimy heavy bomber arrives at Abercorn in 1934.  Photo Norah Venning.
 Another RAF aircraft in the 1934 flight.
RAF Vickers Vimy at Abercorn.jpg
 Picnic on the shores of Crocodile Island Lake Tanganyika in the 1930s.[The beach literally crawled with crocodiles then.That is why they are all still in the boats] Note the tie! Photo: Norah Venning.
 Picnic at Kalambo Falls about 1935. note the Plethora of pith helmet.
 Picnic at Kalambo Falls in 1935. Photo Norah Venning.
 Jack Venning surveys the Kalambo Gorge from the lip just back from the falls. Note the low water.
 Early settler transport. Motor cycles and side cars were easier to man handle over bad stretches of road. Hugh Venning with his wife Beatrice nee Shakelton and their son  "Munty".
 1935 fishing expedition on Lake Tanganyika. Deck chairs to the fore.  The Fez or cut down Fez was often worn then.
 Venning's ex Union Castle line life boat. Poor fishing and very hot. Someone has fallen asleep!
 Abercorn Style 1930s. A Wedding Party at Chisungu. "Bally" and his bride .
 Tennis party at the Old Club about 1934. Jack Venning centre seated with the Maynes to the right of the photo. Ronald Smith left.
 Mr Alan Chilemu, Herad Clerk at the Boma  addressing the District Commissioner at the 1945 Abercorn Victory Celebrations. Courtesy Denis Mayne.  See Articles Abercorn People for  Mr Alan Chilemu's Obituary by J. H. Venning.
 Abercorn District Chiefs and their Advisors at the Victory Celebrations in 1945.
 1945 Victory Parade Abercorn. Mr Percy Mantell manager of the African Lakes Corportion's Mandala Stores fourth from the left
 The 1945 Victory Parade Band marches past the grand stand. Photo courtesy Denis Mayne
 Mrs DC  disapproves of the Setter's rowdy behavior at the 1945 Abercorn Victory Parade. J. H Venning keeps aloof on the far left.
 Mr Ronald Bush  the District Commissioner during the war years with his wife Anthea and children Ralph and Lorna in the garden of the DC's residence Abercorn. Photo courtesy the Bush family. 
 Abercorn (European) Primary School 1948/49.  Mrs Pat Williams top left with her daughter Yvonne in front. Mrs Bredo the wife of the director of the IRLCS is further along the back row. Mrs Mantell headmistress is centre back with Bill Williams in front of her. The Bredo children are in front in  dungarees.
 Abercorn European Primary School in 1949. The building had been a part of the Polish Camp. The head teacher Mrs Mantell is standing at the door. Her daughter's is Ruth centre and Rosemary far left. the boy on the  far right next to the vanette is the son of the Director of the IRLS Hans Bredo.. Note the solar topee
Alan Chilemu in Fez adressing the 1945 Victory Parade. Photo Denis Mayne.jpg
 Ronald Smith at the helm with Mpulungu behind him. Note no large store on the warf in the 1930s.
 Captain J.L. Carlin, Air Correspondent of the  Star  flew with Lt. Schoeman on an inaugural Air Mail Proving flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg.
 Miss Joan Carlin (on right) came through Abercorn in the early 1930s with a Concert Party while on a tour of South, Central and East Africa. They put on their production at the old Abercorn Golf Club and stayed with her uncle Mr. J. H. Venning at Chisungu. They later toured India and Burma with their show.
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