A Red Locust from an IRLCS  Christmas Card
 The IRLCS Swamp Skipper coming ashore at Lake Chila, Abercorn after trials. It was powered by two Land Rover engines and was designed and built in the IRLCS workshops by Peter Parton and others in the 1950s. The large floaing wheels were designed to enable the vehicle to operate in the swamps, shallows and grass lands of the Rukwa.
  The IRLCS Swamp Skipper Trials. Afloat on 3 feet of water. The Skipper was designed and built in Abercorn in the 1950s for  locust control on Lake Rukwa.
 Abercon in the early 1960s. Looking North from over the IRLCS. Grasshopper Inn to the left.
 International Red Locust Control Headquarters building Abercorn
 Wet-Season Locust Control. Living conditons of the men who are keeping South, Central and East Africa safe from Red Locusts. The Land rover is marooned and inextricable. 
 Tuzela Camp, Lake Rukwa, "Tanganiyika".Taken from the "deck" of the Swamp Skipper . This shows how Locust Scouts could see over the man-high grass where the machine could travel easily through the  floods that disabled  four wheel drive vehicles.  Each track in the photo is nearly four feet wide.
 IRLCS aircraft servicing workshops Abercorn Airport in the 1960s.  Photo Adam Malujlo
 Ted Malujlo with one of the Red Locust cCntrol scouting helicopters.  From from Adam Malujlo.
 The Swamp Skipper Maneuvers down to Lake Chila. Note the low water level in the mid 1950s.
Arnold Lea  [ in spectacles ] was instrumental in establishing the IRLCS from the South African Dept. of Locust Control.
IRLCS vehicles in front of the old Head Quarters building where the conference is under way. Note the pre Land Rover jeeps and the South African, Belgian [?] and British flags
Dr Donald Gunn then of Locust Control, London on the right with Colleagues. Photo Jenny Lea courtesy Dorothy Van der Linde
 Dr Lea and colleagues in the Rukwa valley.   
Unknown conference delegate.
Delegates in front of the Rest House building known locally in Abercorn as the Cathedral. This was down on beside the Lucheche stream Mushito in an area called the Gardens. Photo Jenny Lea.
IRLCS STAFF 1956.jpg
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Locust Spraying aircraft in the IRLCS Hanger Abercorn airport.jpg
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