The classic image of Kalambo Falls
 An Enthusiastic Mulungushi Student visitor with the new guard rails at Kalambo Falls. Photo Mary Mbewe
 The lip of the Kalambo Falls. Note the underwater ridge in the foreground. This slopes back up river and gives a slight sense of security.
 The concrete path around the edge of the gore to the Kalambo Falls view point. Photo Mary Mbewe.
 Kalambo Falls from the Tanzania side. In low water it is possible to cross along the low ridge just behind the lip of the falls. Best to be roped and a stout pole helps too. NOT for the faint hearted!
 The falls are best viewed from further back along the gorge when the Kalambo river is in full flow.
 The gorge below the Kalambo Falls. A minature banana grows down here.
 The ominous green pool below Kalambo Falls. 
 Izi Falls on the Mpona river. This spectacular but little known waterfall lies at the southern end of the western escarpment of Lake Tanganyika. It can be glimpsed from the Fisheries bay round the headland to the left of Mpulungu. It is best accessed from the Old Kambole road. It is a walk of some 6 kms relieved by a refreshing dip in the pool behind the lip of the falls.
 General view of the Izi Falls. Photo courtesy of Kim Fraser.
 The top if Izi Falls. Potenial bathers will be pleased to see that the pool lies a little back from the edge.
 Izi Falls on the Mpona River from the Kapuramuka Ridge. Photo Steve Kilbey
Good Sailing weather off Kumbula Island.jpg
 A blissful early evening on Lake Tanganyika as the Evening Star make an appearance.
 Heavy weather on Lake Tanganyika.  Sonata , a real sea boat ,shows that she can take it.
 Niamkolo Church Mpulungu. The old European building in Zambia.
 The jetty at Kasaba Bay Game Lodge.
 Happy boating on Lake Tanganyika. Photo Steve Kilbey
Picnic on Kumbula Island small.jpg
 A Sharpe sailing dingy on Lake Chila in the 1950s
 Lake Chila beach.  Photo: Amanda Parkyn
Lake Chila.psd.jpg
 Carefree Days on Lake Chila. Photo Nigel Watts, NR Information Department late 1950s.
 The Upper Luanzua Falls accessed from the road that serves the Hydro Scheme.
 Luanzua upper falls off the Mpulungu Road
 Mount Sunzu the highest point in Zambia from the Siaisi Valley.  Prize winning photo taken in 1953 for the TVMI Photgraphic Competition
 The First world War Memorial  in the 1950s.  Note the traffic bollard etc.
 A friendly elephant rubs his backside against the bar at Kasaba Bay
 All Aboard Now. Leaving Abercorn on the CAA Dakota. Joan Carlin and her assistants in attendance. Photo Courtey Ian Singer NRZAM Website.
 Lake Chila from the Golf Course in 2009
 Kasaba Bay beach. Photo Steve Kilbey.
 The Buningi Pans are two small marshy depression lakes some 12 miles down the Kasama Road. They used to be a venue for duck shooting picinics for the early settlers. Archeological excavations by John and Sheelagh Carlin shows that they were inhabited in prehistoric times.   
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