The remains of the German Fort at Bismarkburg, Kasanga on the East Coast of Lake Tanganyika. Photo taken by John Carlin in the late 1950s before much of the building was demolished for materials to built a school.
 The High Street Kasanga in the late 1950s. Photo Dorothy van der Linde   emolished to built a school.
 The Beach at Kasanga in Tanganyika as was. Kasanga was the next town up the east coast of Lake Tanganyika from Mpulungu.   Abercorn residents would visit this Arab settlement for its exotic atmosphere, so completely different from Northern Rhodesia. They would return with coconuts straight from the palm tree. These were the devil to de-husk. Photo: Dorothy van der Linde.   
    Ruined interior of Bismarkburg at Kasanga in early 1959. Photo John Carlin.
 A section of the ruined main defensive wall at Bismarkburg
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