Commander Spicer Simpson's expedition to Lake Tanganyika. Photo courtesy Holger Kotthaus
 The "Mimi" being pushed off a sand bank
 The German steamer Hedwig von Wissmann - plan.
 The German steamer Hedwig von Wissman
 The German vessel Hezwig von Wissmann sunk by Spicer Simpson's expedition.
 SS Cecil Rhodes in 1914.  Shelled by the Hezwig von Weissman. Courtesy Holger Kotthaus
 The Mimi and Tou Tou in Action, Lake Tangankika.
 Road down to Kasakalawe Bay, Lake Tanganyika. Photo courtesy Holker Kotthaus.
Kasakalawe Bay.JPG
Remains from the engine of the SS Cecil Rhodes.JPG
 Section of Boiler SS Cecil Rhodes. Photo courtesy Holger Kotthaus.   
 Flange of Boiler section SS Cecil Rhodes, Kasakalawe Bay. Photo Courtesy Holger Kotthaus.
 Leading Seaman George Tasker (Signalman)  RN en route to Lake Tanganyika and the confrontation with the German Naval forces on the lake. Mr Tasker returned to Abercorn after the First World War and was a well known resident for many years. He is buried in Abercorn Pioneer Cemetery. Photo courtesy Florence Shannon.   
 HMS  Fifi  at anchor   on Lake Tanganyika.
 The SS Good News lying on the South West coast of Kituta Bay where the German naval forces had shelled her in 1915. Photo taken in the 1950s.
 The Propeller of the SS  Good News  in its traditional place in the T.V.M.I. building
 SS  Good News  under sail
 The Graf von Groetzen [later renamed the Liemba] at Kituta Bay in pre World War I days.   
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