Sir Alan Cobham's Flying Boat at Mpulungu.jpg
 Not really Abercorn but a real flier. This is a Britsh sea plane that was assembled in Albertville and used to threated Kigoma during the First World War.   
 Official Program for the Portsmouth - Johannesburg Air Race. This is now in the Livingstone Museum having been transferred from the T.V.M.I. Abercorn. Photo courtesy Peter Jones.   
Cobham's 1926 route. Note ABERCORN in big letters.jpg
 Derrick Peachey's Twin engine  Airspeed Envoy that crashed at Abercorn airstrip in October 1936 while competing in the Portsmouth Johannesburg air race. Photo courtesy Annie Wilson née Peachey.
 Reverse of Derrick Peachey's photo of his twin engine plane showing the names of those who died. Photo courtesy Annie Wilson née Peachey. See also Images of Isanya.
Air Wreck 1.jpg
 This is probably Llewellyn's aircraftthat also competed in the Air Race of Oct 1936 but crashed at Mpulungu [ on Davies Farm, Mbete Bay] as he could not find Abercorn airstrip due to smoke from bush fires. See number 7. on tail fin. Peachey's aircraft was number 13.   
Alan Cobhan's arrival at Abercorn, Nov 1925 - March 1926.jpg
Damaged Aircraft at Abercorn Aerodrome.jpg
RAF Vimy Bomber Arives at Abercorn 1934.jpg
RAF Vickers Vimy at Abercorn.jpg
The RAF vistes Abercorn Aerodrome in 19034.jpg
The RAF lands in Abercorn Areodrome in 1934.jpg
 Abercorn Airport. IRLCS spotter plane in foreground with Zambia Airways DC3 preparing for takeoff behind the fire truck. Note the IRLCS hangers. Photo Marshall Singer.   
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